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3 Finger Eddy fuel tank to t-shirt

The paintwork on 3 Finger Eddy was done by Art Slade (Oxford) but the original 3FE artwork was created by our friend Tony Reynolds, better know by some as Tony the Engraver.

The design also featured on this AC cover which was engraved by Tony and was later fitted to one of our own bikes Hullabaloo (or Skink depending on what mood I’m in). I should point out that Tony absolutely hated the fact that we powder coated the cover in this clear red and still won’t talk about it to this day! 🙂

Tony in now in the process of taking Eddy on a little story of his own and is developing the artwork to feature on some new t-shirts for us YAYY!!  WE LOVE TONY! XOXOXO 

It’s looking great so far and we can’t wait to get these new t’s up on the website.

These will be available soon and you can find them in the webshop here.  But you’d better hurry as they’re selling out already!



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