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Well the frames are at the final stage, Good Fabs do all our tube bending now as they work a lot with T45. I tell you that is one weird steel! We use 17 gauge, or 1.42mm wall, on our frames and it’s so light that I had to try to destroy a wee off cut the other day & it’s damn near impossible 😀

Obviously a BFH can and did in the end, however this material is amazing. I’m just thinking that the finished frames will be so light the performance with a grunty Harley motor, should be a whole lot of fun!

So I’m jigging them up next week and Rob is doing the welding.

Other news, Blackbird is back from the NEC and now is in strip down for some major detailing work, it’s been a great year for that scoot & with Jims permission I want to drag it round some EU shows next year.

Workload has exploded again. We had a 2 week lull in November, which meant I nearly caught up with orders! But now we are rammed again and Xmas is gonna get right in the frickin way,, ho ho ho x(

Feb deadline looms large for Pressure Drop! But a lifeline may have been thrown our way, as there could be an AMD affiliate show a month later in Manchester, in which case we will blow off LICS and aim for that one.

That’s it, our Xmas cards are done so expect yours shortly 😉



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