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a little update……

there are three main builds at the moment in the shop that we are focussed on, as delays and problems have struck and put us behind. Waiting on paint, parts and even powder right now is adding too much time, plus developing new parts as you’re running through a job is always difficult. Our new lobster back race pipes are now going to be fabbed solely from sheet, it’s the only way we can achieve the bends/tapers we need and nail the look . So the guys who work with us on these also fab F1 pipes and a bunch of other extraordinary work & as the best in the world, they are rammed ! Which puts delays in our timeline.

So this post is turning into a whine 😀 I can change that easily, the new shop is awesome, working on bikes now is so much easier and we got part time staff also! Things are ace and once Beaulieu is out the way we should have the retail shop and coffee bar setup also 😀

Here’s a few pix,, tweaking the Shovel in between work, Sickboyz & Noble Custom Sickles came to visit and dya have any idea how much those pallets were swaying about !!

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