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Artistry in Iron, Master Builders Championship – Las Vegas Bikefest 2016

Holy shit!  We have been invited to take part in Artistry in Iron, Master Builders Championship 2016 which runs as part of Las Vegas Bikefest at the end of September. The competition is by invitation only and is limited to just 20 bikes!

It’s all going to be a bit tight as we only have a few months to build the bike for this,, and we have yet to build our bike ‘Speed Weevil’ for the AMD World Championships in Cologne, Germany in October and our Biker Build Off bike for the Custom Show Emirates which takes place in Abu Dhabi in March 2017.  And all this on top of all the normal orders for parts still coming in and the customer bikes we have booked in for work over the summer.

AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!  I could start to panic……



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