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Essen May 2013

We can’t make Sturgis this year, even though we qualified and win the Stugis Ticket, down at the shop work on orders & customer bikes has taken preference over our own builds and as such we do not have any builds completed.

As it turns out this is the last year the finals are held in Sturgis, which makes it a double blow for me. But it is what it is and even if we had bikes finished I don’t think we could spare the time. The shop is that stacked out.

The new venue for the AMD Championships is Big Bike Europe in Essen next year, May 10th (ish).

This is pretty cool as we are in Stock Modded and Freestyle and it’s not too far off. A good time in fact to get the bikes ready. So we are taking three, Pressure Drop, Bankrobber and Pauls XR (yet to be named)

So Bankrobber is down again! Third time this year. Which to many is more than bizarre 😀 but to those who know, it needs a lot to be built to the level we expect to compete with at the finals. So far this year Bankrobber has never actually had a full build, it’s always been a fast hit. I know it’s won every time it’s changed but it’s not really how I need it.

So, seeing as we have guys working for us now, I had Chris tear the Shovel down, and will post up its progress here :))

The start of the final build for Bankrobber:

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