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Fat Rocker C

Had a great time in Basingstoke today meeting up with Mark & Bernadette again.  We dropped Marks Rocker back to him fitted out with our new style rear fender that nicely covers the 260 tyre he fitted.

Part of the job was to put on a set of our risers with some RSD vintage bars.  Just a heads up to any Rocker owners out there,, technically all the cables should be replaced if you’re going to do this mod, and the loom needs extending 4″ to the switches.

Mark had a particular dislike for fork mounted turns and asked us to come up with something different.  So we took a set of mini bullets and flush mounted them into a custom fabbed bracket that attaches straight to the base of the headstock.  This solution is so effective we’ve decided to market it 🙂

Big thanks to Mark for trusting us with his scoot again but be warned,  next time we visit we’re taking the dog!!



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