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Gonna need a bigger …….

Wish I could get time to keep this blog updated 😀

In the Shop right now we are buttoning up Blackbird, as phase2 nears completion. It’s been a long road for what was a simple build. But suppliers have stalled this project solidly throughout 2012. But we are there now…. Carlsbad is just waiting to go out, it’s finished and under covers in the shop.. In fact we have put out close to twenty bikes this year, it’s been our biggest ever year, plus Voodoo orders and other parts have gone nuts.

We got 12 bikes coming in before Xmas and all the customers are just totally cool people to work for and I’m so into the projects we got lined up.

On top of this we got a Slim in from Norwich Harley and we continue to work ever closer with my friend Charlie from Warrs.

So what about the four competition builds? Well the race Sporty for 8 Ball is still being cut, Pressure Drop will be launched at Essen in May, De Compression will be a roller soon and that’s going to be a massive day for us,, and the Shov, formerly known as Bankrobber, well it’s launched at Ally Pally, it’s turned into a crazy complicated build and TBH I’m completely obsessed with it 😀

That’s the update, but there’s more, coffee bar is open this week, shop is rolling, although only clothes in there now, we do have a regular flow of customers :))

Back later…….

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