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Here’s a promise

Yeah I know,, it’s been ages,, PLUS I know most posts start out saying that and saying its gonna change 😦

Well it is, this time ,,, this time I am going to get to posting a lot up here, not just what we are doing but of the whole scene we are wrapped up in…

So the update here is simple really, we are rammed in the shop! Trying to tie in with some fabricators who are the best in the world at pipe work, so our frames, pipes & bars are second to none.

Just about keeping up with parts orders but bike builds are suffering because, now I’ve seen the quality of what we can achieve I want it on everything!

We are on the cover of this months American V with a lot of features inside & we’ve just done the cover shoot for 100% Biker.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be moving to much larger premises, if we do ill post up here and there will be an open day in June which ya gotta come to !

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