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Rocket Bobs Billet Brakes

The Rocket 6 caliper is milled from billet 7075 T6, hard anodised black and runs six billet pistons hard anodised clear.  This setup caliper is one I have raced with in the past and I know how good it is,, and it now carries our name 🙂

This is a full-on race spec. caliper, it’s a mutha fckin bastard and you will not believe how hard you stop!  I’ve run this on a Bob and keep pulling up short!

It runs six mini pads that are also race proven and, even when the rotor is baking, you will not get that fade or wooden feeling.  They just keep biting.

We do direct bolt on Rocket 6 calipers or we do this one pictured which is designed to fit on a Bob/Dyna and run with a 13″ rotor.

All our calipers have a full no quibble warranty.

The rotor here is a 13″ (11 1/2″ and 11 3/4″ rotors are also available), it’s a direct bolt on for Bobs/Dynas and is a special stainless rotor, fully floating with stainless dowels connecting it to a hard anodised black billet 7075 centre.  The stopping power of a 13″ rotor and the Rocket 6 is just freakin astounding.

If you want any more info about this or any of our products drop us an email or leave a comment.



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