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Rocket Bobs Flush Fit Console

Tank consoles on many bikes, particularly Harley’s, are just plain ugly and we get many requests for something a bit less clunky.  So this is an example of a Flush Fit Console that we do,,, we really should work on a better name…

This one was made for our Harley Davidson Rocker C build ‘Blackbird

The console on Blackbird has been fitted with a Motoscope mini speedo by Motogadget which we love and have used on many of our builds. The German engineering has produced a ‘highly compact digital instrument with a unique LED display in the instrument realm. 251 ultra bright LEDs provide for an essentially rimless and extremely readable display surface which can entirely be used for the display of readings. This intricate and innovative technology combines a maximum of display surface with minimal casing dimensions’.

Motogadget pride themselves on the ‘unadorned and elegant design’ of the Motoscope mini which we think works particularly well with the design idea behind our consoles.



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