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Rocket Bobs Headbone

So while waiting for the paint on our latest Street Bob build we had time to figure out a solution to the holes in the headstock on Dynas.  These holes are where the loom from the switchgear normally run through but, as our Bob no longer runs switches on the bars, these holes have become redundant (and are driving us nuts!).

The obvious plan would be to block them off, maybe weld them up and then paint the frame BUT this is not really working with what you’ve got, it’s a cop out.

So (as usual) we’ve gone the hard route and, with the help of Faringdon Precision Engineers, we have designed and manufactured the Rocket Bobs Headbone 😀

Machined from a solid block of 7075 T6 ally, these billet tubes run through the frame at the headstock.  It’s a simple idea but a very tough shape to program, however the end result is a real feature now on the Bob and a cool finishing detail.

If you’re interested in this, or any of our products, drop us a mail.



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