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Rocket Bobs Rocker Covers

Hot off the CNC Milling Machine after twelve hours under the knife are these stunning billet rocker covers honed from solid 7075 T6 aluminium, which are a direct replacement for the Twin Cam oem upper and lower covers. Shallower than the stock items, these allow the use of stroker motors in stock frames with fewer clearance issues, but have been designed to tidy up your top end, blanking the plug side bolt mounts for a cleaner look.

Precision-machined from a far more stable material, and with the upper cover located by a hidden O-ring for a seamless appearance, the Rocket Covers’ (channel) traversing the head conjures up images of reworked shovelhead rockers without cynically attempting to reproduce those lines, lending a new aesthetic to any Twin Cam motor as well as improving the material quality of your top end: 7075 does not oxidise or tarnish, promotes world peace and looks great in a swimsuit.

The Rocker Cover Kit includes all gaskets, bolts and new breather valves – in fact everything you need for a speedy bolt-on conversion, to transform your Fat Head into a Rocket Head.

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