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Street Bob / Dyna bolt on Mini Strut & Fender Kit

So this is it, the final post on these Fender Kits we got finished now,, all jigged up and in production this is what they look like. The fender here is raw finish to give contrast to the mini struts, usually the fender would be supplied painted.

Struts are CNC milled & pressed 10mm plate, with inner blind holes so the fender mounts out of sight to keep a clean line. There is a captive nut on the fender to accept OEM seats and a Rocket seat will be out after xmas.

The rear cross brace plate is supplied with shims so you can alter the height of the fender off the rear tire, so if the guy lowers his ride or changes up to an 18″ wheel etc, the fender will adapt.

Fenders are designed the length you see, for the struts, however we just did a custom one 2″ longer for a dude in NY and it came out great, so custom lengths aren’t a problem.

The pix show an optional lighting arrangement, the Kellermann stop/turn/tail mini lights are cut down and blended into a rubber lined tapered hole, again to keep it all clean.



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