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Tinker’s Twin Cam

Had Nige’s 2010 Wide Glide in for some work and dropped it back off to him a few weeks ago (it’s been a bit manic so haven’t had time to post earlier!).

We modified the frame and fitted a Voodoo Fender.  Nige wanted the bike lower but didn’t want to lose handling or ground clearance so we put a larger tyre on the front and lowered the forks 1″.  We went with 11.5″ rear Rocket Bob nitro’s and lowered the profile of the 180 rear to give us an equivalent rear drop.

It all worked out perfectly, the bike handles really well but, more importantly, has a really cool stance and that’s really what its all about 😀

Nige is the perfect guy to work with.  Having already built his own rigid he has a clear understanding of what’s what and we really enjoyed putting this bike together for him.



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