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Cycle Works heading to Spain

Rocket Bobs will be setting up a new workshop on the south coast of Spain soon with Paul over at Snakebike Choppers.  We’ve just got back from a scouting trip there and we had a blast managed to pin down the location of a new workshop.  Its a brand new building located just outside Malaga and we can’t wait to get out there and get into year round riding fabbing.

The whole Marbella custom scene is huge and we’re going to be in there fabbing our kits and complete builds with Paul.  Here we are at the first management meeting…..

And of course we couldn’t leave without visiting the local dealers 🙂  We first took a trip to Marbella Harley Davidson and quickly learnt the first rule in Spain,, everything shuts during siesta time!!  (They did finally let us in).

And then on to Malaga Harley Davidson where we had a good brainstorm over future Sporty mods while checking out the new Sportster 48.

We did squeeze in a bit of sightseeing too 🙂  The hat was just a loaner,,, honest!



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