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Sexed up wallet chain

All our unique wallet chains are hand made in-house and you can always tell when the latest one is ready to ship to it’s new home when you see the maker in question walking round the workshop with the little know condition, the chainmaillers claw grip of death.  This terrible affliction only tends to strike after several hours of plier abuse and is often accompanied with minor surface wounds, extensive profanity and the tuneful sound of metal rings ricocheting off nearby walls.

This wallet chain has been done in the roundmaille pattern and is the first one we have done with the tricolour spiral pattern made up of stainless steel, blackened stainless steel and brass.  It also has the addition of the skull which was provided by the new owner Glen,, we are sad to see it go but know this chain is going to be very happy in its new forever home….

…..I feel may be getting a bit too close to everything here…….



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